Friday, June 30, 2006

After declining his option for next season the Nets and Cliff Robinson have agreed on a new deal which will be official soon. Okay looks bad for the team. But maybe he will clean up and play well.

The Dallas Mavs reached an agreement with Jason "The Jet" Terry for him to sign a new deal. They also have Dirk committed to a 3 year extension to his contract.

Good for the Mavs to act on this quickly. Mark Cuban knows what he's doing.
A few things have happened in the NBA today so here they are!

First, the New Jersey Nets declined the 2006-2007 offer for Cliff Robinson so he is done as a Net. I think it's a good move. You don't want a player on your team who does drugs.

The Nets also waived Scott Padgett. Padgett didn't do a thing last season. The Rockets should get him back. He was on fire there.

The Heat picked up the option on Jason Kapono for $1.1 million. It might be a good move if GP (Gary Payton) retires. He may get minutes and provide outside shooting.

Mark Cuban wants to re-sign Jason Terry as soon as free agency begins. He also wants to sign Dirk and Josh Howard to contract extensions. "Our priority is our own free agents," Cuban said. "I'm pretty sure we should be able to [keep them]. We haven't been able to get into the details yet, but they've given us pretty much every indication that they want to stay, so that's good to know."
I just want to remind my readers to vote on my new poll! You can choose who you thought was the biggest steal in the draft. Jordan Farmar, Marcus Williams or other. Also I just created a Skype account (it's like a phone on the computer). All you need is a microphone and we can talk basketball! My name is gotdogs2 on it so everyone knows.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today a Laker team official announced that Lamar Odom's 6 and a half month old son died in his sleep. That's very unfortunate. I would like to send my condolences to the Odom family and wish them the best in the future.

His son suffocated while sleeping in Odom's house in New York.
A few teams made some nice deals that I didn't cover last night.

The Lakers traded the rights of Cheick Samb the 51st pick in the draft for Maurice Evans of the Pistons. "We felt there just weren't going to be enough minutes" for Maurice, Joe Dumars said. I like this deal for both teams. For Detroit it gives them another body to throw at Shaq. Evans is a nice asset for the Laker bench. The Lakers also traded a future second round pick to Dallas for J.R. Pinnock.

The Spurs traded the rights of Damir Markota to the Bucks for two second round draft picks in next year's draft. Again, good deal for both sides. This means the Spurs will have a bit more action in the next draft.

Now the details of the Suns to Celtics deal I reported last night. The Suns send the draft rights of Rajon Rondo the 21st selection and the contract of Brian Grant to the Celtics. The Celtics give a future first round pick to the Suns. Bad deal for Boston. You could lose a lottery pick and you have to pay Brian Grant. The Suns did exactly what they wanted to do, dump some money.

The 76ers got the draft rights to Edin Bavcic from the Raptors for cash. The Raptors free up some cash which will be used for free agency and trades. I updated the post on picks 11-60 and talked about this deal.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This will be who went from picks 11 to 60 in the 2006 NBA draft.

The 11th pick was J.J. Redick to the Orlando Magic. This is a good pick. He will provide a need in shooting the ball for the Magic. The 12th pick was Hilton Armstrong to the Hornets. Nice pick to get more big guys. This will be good for him to learn the game from the veteran players on the team. The 13th pick was Thabo Sefolosha (drafter by the 76ers) traded to the Bulls. The Bulls add more depth to a very deep team. With Thomas and Sefolosha they become defensive minded. The 14th pick was Ronnie Brewer to the Utah Jazz. Jerry Sloan will like this guy. He is tough and a hard worker who will be a great player. The 15th pick was Cedric Simmons to the Hornets. Again this adds a big man and votes well for the future of the Hornets. The 16th pick was Rodney Carney (drafted by Chicago) traded to the Sixers. Good move if you still have Iverson next season. They would play well together. The 17th pick was Shawne Williams to the Pacers. The Pacers might change the team and he would be a good replacement to Danny Granger (if he was traded). The 18th pick was Olexsiy Pecherov from Ukraine to the Washington Wizards. Pecherov will probably stay overseas this season. Good to see him in the future. The 19th pick was Quincy Douby going to the Sacramento Kings. Here's a late Bobby Jackson replacement. Good move and should help Mike Bibby get some rest. The 20th pick was Renaldo Balkman to the Knicks. The fans were mad and they should be. Isiah Thomas has had good drafts before but has to have better choices to stop the Knicks from bleeding. The 21st pick was Rajon Rondo (drafted by the Suns). Boston gets him via-trade. The 22nd pick was Marcus Williams to the New Jersey Nets. The Nets make the dumb teams who didn't do their homework pay. This will go well and JKidd will mentor him well. The 23rd pick was Josh Boone to the Nets. Good to go with two Huskies who already know each other. The 24th pick was Kyle Lowry to the Grizzlies. Great pick. Terrific move to get Rudy Gay and Lowry. They will win a playoff game next season. The 25th pick was Shannon Brown to the Cavs. Good pick. He adds the shooting the Cavs have been looking for. The 26th pick was Jordan Farmar for the LA Lakers. A local guy is perfect. He was a sleeper and the Lakers get someone to understand the triangle. The 27th pick was Sergio Rodriguez (drafted by the Suns) Portland gets him via-trade. The 28th pick was Maurice Ager to the Dallas Mavs. He will increase the bench but may be a D-League player to develop. The 29th pick was Mardy Collins to the Knicks. Okay pick. Better than the first pick. He will play but for a different team than they have now. The last pick in the first round was Joel Freeland to the Blazers. The grocery bagger can go buy that store he worked for now.

The 1st pick in the second round was James White (drafted by Portland). Pacers get him via trade. The 2nd pick was Steve Novak to the Rockets. The 3rd pick was Solomon Jones to the Hawks. The 4th pick was Paul Davis to the Clippers. The 5th pick was P.J. Tucker to the Raptors. Good move. He is a good bench guy you will give some minutes to. The 6th pick was Craig Smith to the Timberwolves. The 7th pick was Bobby Jones (drafted by the T-Wolves) a Sixer in a deal for cash and a future pick. The 8th pick was Kosta Perovic to the Golden State Warriors. The 9th pick was David Noel to the Bucks. The 10th pick was Denham Brown to the Sonics. The 11th pick was James Augustine drafted by the Magic. The 12th pick was Daniel Gibson to the Cavs. The 13th pick was Marcus Vinicius Vieira de Souza to the Hornets. The 14th pick was Lior Eliyahu (drafted by the Magic) is a Rocket in a deal that gave cash to the Magic. The 15th pick was Alexander Johnson (drafted by the Pacers) traded to Portland then the Grizzlies. The 16th pick was Dee Brown to the Utah Jazz. The 17th pick was Paul Millsap to the Jazz. The 18th pick was Vladimir Veremeenko to the the Wizards. The 19th pick was Leon Powe (drafted by the Nuggets) a Celtic via-trade. The 20th pick was Ryan Hollins to the Bobcats. The 21st pick was Cheik Samb from Senegal to the Lakers. The 22nd pick was Guillermo Diaz to the Clippers. The 23rd pick was Yotam Halperian to the Sonics. The 24th pick was Hassan Adams to the Nets. The 25th pick was Ejike Ugboaja to the Cavs. The 26th pick was Edin Bavcic (drafted by Raptors) 76ers get him for cash. The 27th pick was to the Loukas Mavrokefalidis to the Wolves. The 28th pick was Danilo Pinnock to Dallas. The 29th pick was Damir Markota to the Spurs. The last pick was Will Blalock to the Pistons.

Andrea Bargnani was selected number 1 overall by the Toronto Raptors. This is a great pick for the Raptors in the future. It will take a few years for him to adjust though. The number 2 pick was LaMarcus Aldridge for the Bulls but traded to the Portland Trail Blazers. This is a bad move for Portland but they get the guard if you keep reading. The number 3 pick was Adam Morrison by the Bobcats. I like this pick because it will produce ticket sales and lots of scoring. The number 4 pick was Tyrus Thomas by the Blazers but traded to the Bulls. The Bulls are scary and young look out! The number 5 pick was Marvin Willams by the Atlants Hawks. This was a rumored promise to be picked by Atlanta. It's a safe move but not the best one. The number 6 pick was Brandon Roy to the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is an okay move. I think Roy is a great skilled NBA ready player. The number 7 pick was Randy Foye to the Blazers then Minnesota in two trades. This means the Blazers finally get a guard! Nice deal! Foye will be a great player. The number 8 pick was Rudy Gay to the Grizzlies (drafted by Houston) may be in a deal with Houston for Shane Battier. This is a horrible move. What is Houston thinking? You got a Dwade like player and you get a defense guy for him?? The number 9 pick was Patrick O'Bryant from Bradley to the Golden State Warriors. This is the hole they have been missing. This is a good choice. The number 10 pick was Mouhamed Saer Sene from Senegal to the Sonics. Too many young big men in Seattle. Maybe a trade to move one of them.

More updates on trades and picks after the draft! Round the clock coverage from basketball notes by Alex!
The Portland Trail Blazers traded points guard Sebastian Telfair to the Boston Celtics for the number seven pick in the NBA draft. I like this deal for the Blazers for a couple of reasons. I think this expands the possibilities for them to improve in this draft. The deal with Houston might not be needed anymore. This is a bad deal for the Celtics. Telfair is a nice player but Iverson could come and he wants to play point guard. The deal might also include Dan Dickua and some other players to be announced later.

The NBA opened the black box and surprise surprise it's a new official NBA basketball! The ball has better grip and moisture technology. I like the look of the ball and think the players will also.

Monday, June 26, 2006

On Draft night NBA commissioner David Stern will unveil a black box that will change the way you see the game. I think it's a new a new basketball along with everyone else who heard about this. I hope the ball is nice. If it's not a ball I would be surprised.

A lot of websites have been talking about AI going to the Hawks or Celtics and I want to talk about it. Iverson going to the Hawks would be a move to sell tickets and it would shake up the nice young core of the Hawks. Paul Pierce does want a star on his team but Iverson won't pass the ball and I don't see it working. Iverson needs to go to a team that needs points and not a lot of assists with the points.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Morrison shoots for three! Posted by Picasa
Before he was even picked to be in the NBA, Adam Morrison has gotten three endorsements already. One is with Electronic Arts that allows them to use him in a commercial they already shot. Another one of the deals was with Addias and he will probably wear their shoes. His last deal was with Topps where he will be used on product packaging and commercials. This will give Morrison confidence and calm any butterflies before the draft. Morrison might also sign a diabetes related deal soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adam Morrison, possible number one draft pick, had a stress fracture in his foot during a workout in New Jersey on Wednesday. It happened when former Texas star P.J. Tucker stepped on his foot. Morrison should be out for two weeks with the injury. This could be a setback but it won't affect where he gets picked in the draft.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is an update on the latest news in the ABA.

The Maryland Nighthawks will have tryouts on this Saturday, June 24th, at 10:00 am at the Boys and Girls Club in Washington. A pre register form online will cost $100. An on the day application will be $125. The Boys and Girls Club is located at 620 Milwaukee Place, SE, Washington, D.C. For a registration form go to, for a downloaded form go to
To send in your money the address is 101 North Adams Street, Rockville, MD 20850.

Also, the Palm Beach Imperials will play another exhibition game on Friday at 7pm. It will be played at the Clemente Center, 150 W. University Blvd in Melbourne. They will face the Brevard Blue Ducks for the third time. The first game result was 127-101 rout for Palm Beach. The second game final was 115-103 also won by Palm Beach. The Blue Ducks are in the USBL (United States Basketball League).



The New York Knicks fired head coach Larry Brown and replaced him with Isiah Thomas. It's about time he's out good luck to Isiah. Stephon Marbury must be angry. Maybe he'll ask for a trade. This also leaves a big coach on the market again. Someone will take him again soon. The Bobcats have emerged as a candidate to hire Brown because he's friends with Michael Jordan. "Larry has had a long and storied career. We hired him last summer with the expectation that he would be with the Knicks for a long time. Sometimes decisions work and sometimes they don't," James Dolan said. The Knicks had a record of 23-59 under Brown for the 2005-06 season. Brown signed the biggest contract for a coach and flopped. He will bounce back with his next team.
The NBA draft will be on June 28th at 7:00 pm Eastern time on ESPN. The Raptors have the number one pick and nobody knows who the clear number 1 player is yet. Bad news for the Bobcats. Tyrus Thomas, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge won't workout for the Bobcats today. "Bottom line, we're just not happy with the way things went down," General Manager and Coach Bernie Bickerstaff said with anger. When asked if the workout would be rescheduled, he said, not at this point.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Spurs traded Rasho Nesterovic to the Raptors for Matt Bonner and Eric Willams. This was a deal for cap saving purposes by Toronto. The Spurs get a deal to help the bench. Willams will be good to stretch the floor on threes. The two players the Spurs picked up will be free agents after next season. Rasho should supply some help, maybe a good sub.
Photo by: Eric Gay
The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 95-92 to win the NBA finals! The celebration has started in Miami and the parade is on Friday. Zo got his ring. He may be gone now. If he is, good luck to him! Gary Payton also got his ring. Nothing has been said about when he will retire. The Heat won because of the energy and aggressive play of Dwade, finals MVP. Wade also made clutch free throws in the last two games. Dallas came out looking good but it was a game of runs and Miami topped them. Dwyane Wade got 36 points and 10 boards in 45 minutes. What a milestone for Wade! He had a great post season and will have many more to come. Wade also gave the effort and sprung up high on his feet to secure rebounds. Udonis Haslem got 17 points and 10 boards in 41 minutes. Haslem was great. His points were a big bonus and his defense was tough. Alonzo Mourning got 8 points and 5 blocks in 14 minutes off the bench. Zo changed the 3rd with his blocks. If the Mavs had made a few more shots (that Zo blocked), they might have won the game. Zo had great enthusiasm that he spread throughout the team. Antoine Walker got 14 points and 11 boards in 34 minutes. Walker delivered the knockout punches to the Mavs.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban was fined $250,000 for comments he made to league officials after game 5. Cuban said he was fine with it, but the league won't allow that. Dirk and Cuban with be steaming if they lose game 6 and go home.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The NBA fined Dirk Nowitzki $5,000 for kicking the ball into the stands after the loss in game 5. After I saw that I thought something would come of it and the league won't tolerate that. Maybe this will fire up Dallas for game 6.

Photos by: Jennifer Pottheiser
The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavs 101-100 in overtime to take a 3-2 series lead. Miami had Wade make the free throws when they count. Josh Howard called the Mavs last timeout before Wade was done at the line. That was a mistake that cost the whole game. Dwyane Wade got 43 points and 4 assists in 50 minutes. Since I don't have a cell phone please vote for Wade for finals MVP. Shaquille O'Neal got 18 points and 12 boards in 47 minutes. Shaq played a lot of minutes. We'll see if he's tired in game 6. James Posey got 10 points and 6 boards in 44 minutes. Posey hit a big shot and is making the defensive plays - what an asset off the Heat bench. Josh Howard got 25 points and 10 boards in 50 minutes. Howard had his shot going and will be the x-factor if the Mavs win game 6. Jason Terry got 35 points and 5 boards in 50 minutes. The Jet was great. He hit a few very tough shots over Shaq. Dirk Nowitzki got 20 points and 8 boards in 49 minutes. Nowitzki had another bad shooting game. Look for him to bounce back in game 6.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The NBA suspended Dallas guard Jerry Stackhouse for game 5 of the finals for a flagrant foul on Shaq. Stackhouse will be a huge loss to the Mavs bench and James Posey will be that much more important for the Heat. "It makes no sense at all," Mark Cuban said from an email. "There have been more 'accidental' elbows to Mavs players' heads this series than is statistically possible. (Wasn't it [Heat coach Pat] Riley who said that there is no such thing as an accidental elbow?) More stiff arms to faces of our double teams, all without response from the league."

Friday, June 16, 2006

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Photos by: Andrew D. Bernstein
The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 98-74 to tie the series at 2-2. The Heat dominated this game and Wade lead the way and his knee looked fine. Dirk came down on Shaq and twisted his ankle. He did return but wasn't that effective. Shaquille O'Neal got 17 points and 13 boards in 30 minutes. O'Neal was good because he was more consistent from the line (5-10 for Shaq that's good) and moved quick and had a beatiful no look pass to James Posey but he didn't finish. Dwyane Wade got 36 points and 6 boards in 40 minutes. Wade was wonderful. They gave him room and he made them pay with jump shots. Antoine Walker got 14 points and 3 boards in 39 minutes. Walker played well and his three's were big in the second half. James Posey got 15 points and 10 boards in 26 minutes off the bench. The Heat bench got some help Posey was all over the place. Jason Terry got 17 points and 1 steal in 33 minutes. Terry had an okay game. Look for him to get the team more involved in game 5. Dirk shot a horrible 2-14 from the field. Look for him to bounce back in game 5.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

MJ is back but not on the court in the front office as he was named Charlotte Bobcats director of basketball operations. Jordan has to be happy to be back in basketball with a team of the future. Good move by the Bobcats. Look for him to play a big part in the Bobcats draft picks.
Today Yao Ming took a big step to recovering his left foot. He was cleared to wear normal sneakers from an injury that occured in April. The recover is going faster and that's good news for Houston. "The healing process has gone faster than his doctors expected. He is ahead of schedule," Rockets spokesman Nelson Luis said. The Rockets have the number 8 pick in the draft and have to be happy about next season if Yao and Tmac are healthy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavs 98-96 but the Mavs still lead the series 2-1. The game was close in the end. The Mavs had a chance to tie with 1 second left but Wade played great defense. Dwyane Wade was great with 42 points and 12 boards in 43 minutes. Wade hurt his left knee but didn't back down and kept attacking. Shaquille O'Neal got 16 points and 11 boards in 37 minutes. O'Neal didn't shoot much, only 9 times. Credit the Mavs defense but Shaq will break it in game 4. Antoine Walker got 12 points and 7 boards in 35 minutes. Walker was good. He had to drive the ball and maybe Shaq will be open more. Jason Williams got 12 points and 3 assists in 35 minutes. Willams did okay, expect his shooting touch back in game 4. Dirk Nowitzki got 30 points and 7 boards in 45 minutes. Nowitzki had a great game but the Heat just had luck on their side in this game.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Former Duke basketball player J.J. Redick was arrested for DWI and got out this morning on $1,000 bond. This is bad for his image. His agent has got to be worried about this. Even though I don't think Portland would go for him with the 4th pick they at least thought about it but they probably won't because of this. They already have bad boy Zach Randolph. Redick will be in court in Durham on July 17th. He had this to say "I regret what happened last night, and want to apologize to my family and the Duke community for the incident."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Photo by: Ronald Martinez
The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 99-85 to take a 2-0 series lead on the road to Miami. The frustration on Shaq has set in after he got fined $10,000 for not making himself available for interviews and the Heat fined $25,000 along with that. The Heat also have an injury tot Udonis Haslem who bruised his left shoulder at the end of the second half and didn't return. The defense was amazing on Shaq and the Mavs deserve some credit. Dirk Nowitzki got 26 points and 16 boards in 41 minutes. Dirk was great he pounded the ball inside and dominated. Jason Terry got 16 points and 9 assists in 41 minutes. The Jet played great and expect more greatness from him this series. Jerry Stackhouse got 19 points and 3 boards in 30 minutes off the bench. Josh Howard got 15 points and 3 boards in 29 minutes. Howard was great with that 4 point play amazing that it happened two times in this game. Dwyane Wade got 23 points and 8 boards in 40 minutes. Wade shot a terrible percentage because the Mavs defense was all over him.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Photo by: Garrett Ellwood
The Dallas Mavs beat the Miami Heat in game 1 of the finals 90-80 to take a 1-0 series lead. Dallas squezzed in a lead at half and were in control for the rest of the game. Jason Terry got 32 points and 4 boards in 37 minutes. Terry hit two huge back to back three's in the 4th that kept the Heat away. Dirk Nowitzki got 16 points and 10 boards in 37 minutes. Nowitzki couldn't get going on offense but like any other star filled up the stat sheet in other ways. Josh Howard got 10 points and 12 boards in 44 minutes. Howard rebounded well and that's big for this series. Jerry Stackhouse got 13 points and 5 boards in 29 minutes off the bench. Stackhouse hit a huge jumper in the 4th, he's been the sixth man of the playoffs. Dwyane Wade got 28 points and 6 boards in 43 minutes. Flash worked hard in the 2nd half and I expect more energy in game 2. Shaquille O'Neal had 17 points and 7 boards in 38 minutes. Shaq needed a few touches in the 2nd half, the Heat went away from him.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tonight is game 1 of the NBA Finals in Dallas. Dallas will come out with some plan for Shaq and it will be interesting if they use hack a Shaq or not. The Heat will try to get Flash going early and as long as he hits his jumpers he'll do well. I want to see how well Toine will do if he keeps penetrating then the Heat will score. Dallas has to run a bit more than they did against the Suns to tire Shaq and have an advantage.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The finals are coming but I want to make sure you know when and what time. Game 1 will be Thursday, June 8th at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 2 will be Sunday, June 11th at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 3 will be Tuesday, June 13 at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 4 will be Thursday, June 15 at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 5, if necessary, will be June 18 at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 6, if necessary, will be June 20th (my bday) at 9:00 pm on ABC. Game 7, if necessary, will be June 22 at 9:00 pm on ABC. This is the best playoffs ever so let's hope it goes to Game 7!

Monday, June 05, 2006

NOTE HERE: I know this post is really long but I think it's important that everyone who tried out is mentioned. When you want something in life you sometimes have to keep trying and trying. Everyone who tries should get credit even if they don't make the cut. Recently I went to Sports+Field in Wesley Chapel, Florida and was the ballboy during the Tampa Bay Strong Dog tryouts. They are the newest ABA team in Florida and will begin play in November. I was impressed with Sports+Field and learned that it will be a practice facility for the Strong Dogs. I met general manager Greg Ghurl and he was very nice and ready to make this team successful. I would like thank the staff of Sports+Field and Greg for letting me be the ballboy. There were 23 tryout participants. First, a 6.1 guard, Reed Tompkins was a good shooter who can also take it inside. Next, David Pisarcik, a 6.3 point or shooting guard, who played well. Jason Caruso is a 5.11 point guard or shooting guard who could be a great runner of the offense. John Myers is a 6 foot guard who played hard and gave a great effort. Randy Brown is a 6.4 guard or forward who is would be a good scorer for the team. Lorin Lewis is a 5.11 point guard and would also be a good guy to get other people involved on offense. Justin James is a 6.6 shooting guard who can be a great fast break threat. Joao Gus Desa is a 6.2 point guard or shooting guard who has some hops and also some nice shooting range. Deundra Peavy is a 6.1 guard or forward and is a good scorer and he can pass the ball nicely. Bobby Hallback, a 5.11 point guard or shooting guard, can push the ball up the floor. Edlyn Rodney Laurent is a 6.7 small forward or power foward who can probably do a bit of everything. John Barquet is a 5.10 point guard or shooting guard who should set up his team. Sam Philips is a 5.9 point guard and he can force the action on defense. Rudolph Williams is a 6.0 guard who should score more than pass. Erick Greene is a 6.3 shooting guard or small forward who should score and get a lot of boards. William Henderson is a 6.2 small forward who should set up his team. Mike Welch is a 6.4 small forward who should try to post up once a game. Jason Currington is a 6.4 guard who should dunk it hard on someone. Reginald Burnett is a 6.5 guard/forward who has to rough it up on defense. Aiyetoro Holmes is a 6.4 shooting guard who needs to be the shooter on the team. Chase Bussey is a 5.11 point guard that has be the runner to get his points. Owen Barnes is a 6.9 power forward who has to be a shot blocker. Nathaniel Sims is a 6.8 center and the only center. He has good defense but he needs to add a jump hook to his arsenal. Kaz is a good shooter and can do just about everything and is already on the team. He came from the Harlem Strong Dogs.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

After a 102-93 win over the Suns the NBA finals are set. It will be the Heat vs. the Mavs starting Thursday at 9:00 pm in Dallas. The Mavs were down most of the game but made a few comeback and wouldn't let it go 7 game. Dirk Nowitzki got 24 points and 10 boards in 44 minutes. Nowitzki got hot and that's what led the Mavs back into the game. Josh Howard got 20 points and 15 boards in 46 minutes. Howard played well and in the 3rd had three offensive boards and didn't give up until he scored and that's important. Jason Terry got 17 points and 3 assists in 26 minutes. Terry didn't get to play a lot but was affective in the minutes he played. Jerry Stackhouse got 19 points and 3 steals in 40 minutes off the bench. Stackhouse was key off the bench and has to play a lot because of the foul trouble. Boris Diaw got 30 points and 11 boards in 40 minutes. Diaw played a terrific game but it just wasn't enough defense to stop the Mavs. Shawn Marion got 13 points and 11 boards in 46 minutes. Marion didn't shot enough he needs 18 shots not 10. Steve Nash got 19 points and 9 assists in 42 minutes. Nash played hard but the defense by the Mavs had the shot clock playing against them. Leandro Barbosa got 14 points and 3 assists in 27 minutes. Barbosa was electric and kept the Mavs away at first but then he got into some foul trouble and had to sit.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Dallas Mavs beat the Suns 117-101 to take a 3-2 series lead. Dirk had a playoff high 50 points and 12 boards to tie Kobe for the most points in a game in the post season. Dirk did what he had to do pound the ball inside and the Suns couldn't stop him. Josh Howard got 23 points and 7 boards in 31 minutes. Howard was great from downtown and kept the pace a little to fast they should slow down in game 6. Jason Terry got 14 points and 9 assists in 34 minutes. Terry played a solid game but didn't have to do much with Howard and Dirk on fire. Jerry Stackhouse got 16 points and 5 assists in 39 minutes. Stackhouse played good and has to come off the bench and hit jumpers. Steve Nash got 20 points and 11 assists in 39 minutes. Nash played alright but I think he could never get going. Boris Diaw got 16 points and 9 boards in 39 minutes. I wish Diaw could teach me the Euro two step! Shawn Marion got 20 points and 10 boards in 38 minutes. Marion has to be even more active on the glass so the Mavs don't a 10 point difference in second chance points. Tim Thomas got 26 points and 3 boards in 41 minutes. Thomas was hot but the Suns didn't go back to him and you have to know to feed the hot hand.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Detroit Pistons beat the Miami Heat 91-78 but the Heat still lead the series 3-2. The Pistons came out with a sense of urgency and got all the loose balls and that's what wins every game. Chauncey Billups got 17 points and 10 assists in 42 minutes. Richard Hamilton got 16 points and 10 boards in 38 minutes. Hamilton played well he got some easy shots early and that's how he got going. Tayshaun Prince got 29 points and 7 boards in 43 minutes. Prince was terrific and he got a few back downs that he didn't get in other games. Antonio McDyess got 12 points and 6 boards in 19 minutes. McDyess was hitting his jumpers and played hard. Dwyane Wade got 23 points and 4 assists in 45 minutes. DWade didn't have a big game like game 4 and the Pistons played great defense. Shaquille O'Neal got 19 points and 6 boards in 31 minutes. O'Neal played hard he needed a few more touches in the second half though. Udonis Haslem got 10 points and 10 boards in 31 minutes. Haslem got a few second chance points for the Heat and that will be the difference in game 6.