Saturday, November 04, 2006

I want to talk about the Sixers beating the Magic 105-103. Great game, it was really close and I saw the awesome ending to it. First, Grant Hill was having a fantastic game so they went to him, down 101-103. The shot he made was a shot I didn't think he could pull off. Then, the Sixers called a 20 second timeout and all eyes were on Allen Iverson, of course. He got the ball on the in bounds and got a high pick at the key from Rodney Carney for an incredible shot over two Magic defenders. Allen Iverson had a monsterous night with 39 points and 10 assists in 46 minutes. It's great that Iverson can put up these numbers. The bad thing is they need more scoring from others. I want to see Rodney Carney come in and maybe get 10 to 15 points a night. Kyle Korver got 28 points and shot 4-4 from the three point line in 30 minutes. Korver was the only one scoring wise to help AI. Grant Hill got 25 points and 4 assists in 37 minutes. Nice to see Hill back again. I really hope I don't need to keep saying that about him. Hedo Turkoglu got 15 points and 9 boards in 37 minutes. He is there to make big three's. He made one that was big late, but you will see more of his clutch play later.


FragileHeartBreakQuick said...

alex you should let me edit your stuff 1st b4 u put it on cuz u have a few typos.