Friday, October 06, 2006

Photo by:Andrew D. Bernstein
The Phoenix Suns beat Lottomatica Roma 100-93 in the Europe Live preseason games. Even though they didn't have Amare Stoudamire this is a good start to the preseason. The Suns won because of their running game and Roma couldn't keep up. Shawn Marion got 19 points. Marion was catching alley oops just like last season and hopefully will become more of a star this season. Leandro Barbosa and Raja Bell got 18 points each. Both played well. I look for Barbosa to play a big roll and maybe Nash can get more rest this season if Amare is back. Bell will be key if he can stay healthy. He will start the season strong I predict. James Jones got 10 points. Jones is just what Phoenix needs on their bench. When the playoffs come around this year I expect him to be more confident and affective. David Hawkins got 22 points for Lottomatica. Hawkins had a nice dunk I saw on the highlights. Dejan Bodiroga got 17 points. Bodiroga played great.