Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Photo by: David Liam Kyle
A lot more preseason games went down last night. First, the Magic beat the Bobcats 109-90. The Magic had a great game getting seven players in double figures. Dwight Howard got 18 points and 10 boards in 24 minutes. He keeps improving. I look for him to make the All Star team this year, or be very close. Keyon Dooling got 10 points and 1 assist in 20 minutes. Dooling needs to stay healthy this season. If he can, the Magic may be able to pull off that run they had late last year even longer. Grant Hill got 16 points and 2 assists in 18 minutes. Great to see him on the court. Let's just hope he can have a full healthy season. Adam Morrison got 19 points and 1 board in 24 and a half minutes. Wonderful start for Morrison. I look for him to boost the Bobcats offense a lot this year. Next, the Celtics beat the Cavs 109-93. This is kind of a surprise to me. Although it is only preseason LJ didn't really do much. Paul Pierce got 17 points and 3 assists in 23 minutes. Nice start for Pierce also. He should be happy as long as he is getting some help on the court this year. Gerald Green got 14 points and 6 boards in 35 minutes. Green needs to keep doing what he's doing. He has to impress them to stay out of the D-League this season. Next the Hornets beat the Mavs 84-81. David West led the Hornets with 17 points and 3 boards in 24 minutes. West is a great scorer. He will continue to be a great underrated player for the Hornets. Josh Howard got 16 points and 3 boards in 22 minutes. Howard was the best player for the Mavs on the floor in this game. Dirk, The Jet Jason Terry, and other key players sat out for DNP's. Next, the Grizzlies beat the Rockets 75-69. Rudy Gay got 14 points and 4 boards in 23 and a half minutes. Great premiere for Gay. I expect him to extend the Grizzlies possibilities in the playoffs this season. Tmac got 15 points and 5 assists in 18 and a half minutes. I just hope he will stay healthy. His back has hurt him in the past ends of seasons and maybe is over that now. Next, the Pistons beat the Heat 84-64 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Another lovely place to play a basketball game. I have been to San Juan and I would have loved to see this game. Nazr Mohammed got 16 points and 8 boards in 30 and a half minutes. Mohammed replaced Big Ben with scoring instead of boards. We will see if the Pistons end up with a gap in the boards this year without Ben. Jason Kapono led the Heat with 12 points and 4 boards in 20 minutes. The rest of the Heat are still cruising with Finals fever but Kapono may have an impact this season. Next, the Denver Nuggets beat Efes Pilsen 118-102. Last, the LA Lakers beat the Utah Jazz 94-79. Lamar Odom got 18 points and 6 boards. Odom led LA without Kobe. Smush Parker got 13 points. Parker is good. He just has to keep it up in the playoffs and he will be fine. Vladimir Radmanovic got 7 points. Radmanovic played well.