Friday, October 20, 2006

Photo by: Andrew D. Bernstein
The Clippers and Lakers faced off in a battle for LA in the preseason; here is my recap.
The Lakers are not ready for the season yet. With tons of injuries left and right from Kobe to Mihm the season will start slow for the Lakers. The Clipps are there but not at 100% good health. I expect them to start out much better than the Lakers. The cat Cuttino Mobley led the way with 26 points and 3 assists in 41 minutes. Good game but lots of minutes for Mobley. When they actually abide by their rotation, Mobley will rest maybe 10+ more minutes. Corey Maggette got 14 points and boards in 19 minutes. Maggette is doing fine for the preseason. Last seasons injury is no longer a problem and Maggette, should be optimistic about this season. Elton Brand got 20 points and 4 steals in 30 minutes. Brand has been playing outstanding ball. His shooting is up to par and his overall play is better. Shaun Livingston got 11 points and 4 rebounds in 28 minutes. Livingston is improving. As Steve Kerr said last night, he is the point guard of the future for them as they progress into a premiere NBA team. Jordan Farmar sparkled off the bench with 14 points and 2 steals in 20 minutes. His game was great, except the end. He showed early he may be uncomfortable being the closer when Kobe can't be. I think he will learn the way and become one later on though. Maurice Evans drove in for 10 points and 3 steals in 31 minutes. Evans was very athletic in the 1st quarter. He didn't play very much, but is an imminent factor to the Lakers attack. Sasha Vujacic got 10 points and 3 boards in 22 minutes. Vujacic had a major rise in confidence. His shooting was perfected and his level of comfort was more visable on the floor.

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