Saturday, August 19, 2006

Photos by: Garrett Ellwood
The USA team came out fired up and ready to dismantle Puerto Rico and won 111-100. They were lead by Carmelo Anthony who had 21 points and 3 assists in 20 minutes of play. Melo has always brought energy. He and LJ are the facilitators of this squad. Chris Paul had 11 points and 9 assists in 32 minutes. Paul will give the USA team another great play maker to lead them. Paul can do a little bit of everything, score and get his team involved. Bron Bron got 15 points and 6 assists in 24 minutes. LJ did a great job in this game. He got some assists which is key so the entire team will pass also. Dwight Howard got 10 points and 7 boards for the USA in 18 minutes. Howard worked hard out there and he stands tough off the bench during FIBA. Kirk Hinrich got 15 points and 3 boards in 17 minutes off the bench. It's a big factor when Chris Paul can take a break and Hinrich can come in and keep the same pace. Dwayne Wade got 13 points and 2 boards in 23 minutes. Wade chipped in well. One of the big three of LJ, Melo and Flash won't have a big game, and this time it was Wade.
Carlos Arroyo led Puerto Rico with 23 points and 5 assists in 26 minutes. Arroyo played big in the last game against the USA but his team wasn't there to help him both times. Elias Ayuso got 14 points and 3 assists in 22 minutes. Ayuso played well. But he was only one of three players in double figures for Puerto Rico. They need more help. Christian Dalmau got 13 points and 1 assist in 18 minutes. Dalmau played well. But if Puerto Rico wants to win someone has to tell the other players to give them some help out there! The next game for the USA is China on Sunday at 6:30 a.m. ET on ESPN2 watch it!