Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Photos by: Garrett Ellwood
Team USA dominated over Dirk Nowitzki and Germany 85-65 to move on to play Greece. Carmelo Anthony got 19 points and 4 boards in 24 minutes. Melo was great. He was all over the floor like he always is. LeBron James got 13 points and 5 boards in 25 minutes. Bron Bron was alright. He won; be a huge impact because Carmelo has been in the spotlight in FIBA. Joe Johnson got 11 points and 3 boards in 21 minutes. Johnson has been good latley. After not getting many minutes he has been getting some good minutes, in the last few games. Chris Paul got 9 points and steals in 23 minutes. He hasn't been a huge factor by scoring, but his passing and steals are key. Ademola Okulaja got 15 points and 9 boards in 29 minutes. Okulaja was great. He showed an all around game on offense and defense. Dirk Nowitzki got 15 points and 9 boards in 33 minutes. Dirk played well. But he and Okulaja were the only players in double figures. On a non basketball story I want everyone in Florida to stay safe from Ernesto today.


The said...

Finally someone who cares about USA Basketball! Everyone says that USA will have trouble against Spain in the finals. It comes down to how the Spanish backcourt reacts to USA's defensive pressure.

Keep up the good work!