Monday, June 05, 2006

NOTE HERE: I know this post is really long but I think it's important that everyone who tried out is mentioned. When you want something in life you sometimes have to keep trying and trying. Everyone who tries should get credit even if they don't make the cut. Recently I went to Sports+Field in Wesley Chapel, Florida and was the ballboy during the Tampa Bay Strong Dog tryouts. They are the newest ABA team in Florida and will begin play in November. I was impressed with Sports+Field and learned that it will be a practice facility for the Strong Dogs. I met general manager Greg Ghurl and he was very nice and ready to make this team successful. I would like thank the staff of Sports+Field and Greg for letting me be the ballboy. There were 23 tryout participants. First, a 6.1 guard, Reed Tompkins was a good shooter who can also take it inside. Next, David Pisarcik, a 6.3 point or shooting guard, who played well. Jason Caruso is a 5.11 point guard or shooting guard who could be a great runner of the offense. John Myers is a 6 foot guard who played hard and gave a great effort. Randy Brown is a 6.4 guard or forward who is would be a good scorer for the team. Lorin Lewis is a 5.11 point guard and would also be a good guy to get other people involved on offense. Justin James is a 6.6 shooting guard who can be a great fast break threat. Joao Gus Desa is a 6.2 point guard or shooting guard who has some hops and also some nice shooting range. Deundra Peavy is a 6.1 guard or forward and is a good scorer and he can pass the ball nicely. Bobby Hallback, a 5.11 point guard or shooting guard, can push the ball up the floor. Edlyn Rodney Laurent is a 6.7 small forward or power foward who can probably do a bit of everything. John Barquet is a 5.10 point guard or shooting guard who should set up his team. Sam Philips is a 5.9 point guard and he can force the action on defense. Rudolph Williams is a 6.0 guard who should score more than pass. Erick Greene is a 6.3 shooting guard or small forward who should score and get a lot of boards. William Henderson is a 6.2 small forward who should set up his team. Mike Welch is a 6.4 small forward who should try to post up once a game. Jason Currington is a 6.4 guard who should dunk it hard on someone. Reginald Burnett is a 6.5 guard/forward who has to rough it up on defense. Aiyetoro Holmes is a 6.4 shooting guard who needs to be the shooter on the team. Chase Bussey is a 5.11 point guard that has be the runner to get his points. Owen Barnes is a 6.9 power forward who has to be a shot blocker. Nathaniel Sims is a 6.8 center and the only center. He has good defense but he needs to add a jump hook to his arsenal. Kaz is a good shooter and can do just about everything and is already on the team. He came from the Harlem Strong Dogs.