Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This will be who went from picks 11 to 60 in the 2006 NBA draft.

The 11th pick was J.J. Redick to the Orlando Magic. This is a good pick. He will provide a need in shooting the ball for the Magic. The 12th pick was Hilton Armstrong to the Hornets. Nice pick to get more big guys. This will be good for him to learn the game from the veteran players on the team. The 13th pick was Thabo Sefolosha (drafter by the 76ers) traded to the Bulls. The Bulls add more depth to a very deep team. With Thomas and Sefolosha they become defensive minded. The 14th pick was Ronnie Brewer to the Utah Jazz. Jerry Sloan will like this guy. He is tough and a hard worker who will be a great player. The 15th pick was Cedric Simmons to the Hornets. Again this adds a big man and votes well for the future of the Hornets. The 16th pick was Rodney Carney (drafted by Chicago) traded to the Sixers. Good move if you still have Iverson next season. They would play well together. The 17th pick was Shawne Williams to the Pacers. The Pacers might change the team and he would be a good replacement to Danny Granger (if he was traded). The 18th pick was Olexsiy Pecherov from Ukraine to the Washington Wizards. Pecherov will probably stay overseas this season. Good to see him in the future. The 19th pick was Quincy Douby going to the Sacramento Kings. Here's a late Bobby Jackson replacement. Good move and should help Mike Bibby get some rest. The 20th pick was Renaldo Balkman to the Knicks. The fans were mad and they should be. Isiah Thomas has had good drafts before but has to have better choices to stop the Knicks from bleeding. The 21st pick was Rajon Rondo (drafted by the Suns). Boston gets him via-trade. The 22nd pick was Marcus Williams to the New Jersey Nets. The Nets make the dumb teams who didn't do their homework pay. This will go well and JKidd will mentor him well. The 23rd pick was Josh Boone to the Nets. Good to go with two Huskies who already know each other. The 24th pick was Kyle Lowry to the Grizzlies. Great pick. Terrific move to get Rudy Gay and Lowry. They will win a playoff game next season. The 25th pick was Shannon Brown to the Cavs. Good pick. He adds the shooting the Cavs have been looking for. The 26th pick was Jordan Farmar for the LA Lakers. A local guy is perfect. He was a sleeper and the Lakers get someone to understand the triangle. The 27th pick was Sergio Rodriguez (drafted by the Suns) Portland gets him via-trade. The 28th pick was Maurice Ager to the Dallas Mavs. He will increase the bench but may be a D-League player to develop. The 29th pick was Mardy Collins to the Knicks. Okay pick. Better than the first pick. He will play but for a different team than they have now. The last pick in the first round was Joel Freeland to the Blazers. The grocery bagger can go buy that store he worked for now.

The 1st pick in the second round was James White (drafted by Portland). Pacers get him via trade. The 2nd pick was Steve Novak to the Rockets. The 3rd pick was Solomon Jones to the Hawks. The 4th pick was Paul Davis to the Clippers. The 5th pick was P.J. Tucker to the Raptors. Good move. He is a good bench guy you will give some minutes to. The 6th pick was Craig Smith to the Timberwolves. The 7th pick was Bobby Jones (drafted by the T-Wolves) a Sixer in a deal for cash and a future pick. The 8th pick was Kosta Perovic to the Golden State Warriors. The 9th pick was David Noel to the Bucks. The 10th pick was Denham Brown to the Sonics. The 11th pick was James Augustine drafted by the Magic. The 12th pick was Daniel Gibson to the Cavs. The 13th pick was Marcus Vinicius Vieira de Souza to the Hornets. The 14th pick was Lior Eliyahu (drafted by the Magic) is a Rocket in a deal that gave cash to the Magic. The 15th pick was Alexander Johnson (drafted by the Pacers) traded to Portland then the Grizzlies. The 16th pick was Dee Brown to the Utah Jazz. The 17th pick was Paul Millsap to the Jazz. The 18th pick was Vladimir Veremeenko to the the Wizards. The 19th pick was Leon Powe (drafted by the Nuggets) a Celtic via-trade. The 20th pick was Ryan Hollins to the Bobcats. The 21st pick was Cheik Samb from Senegal to the Lakers. The 22nd pick was Guillermo Diaz to the Clippers. The 23rd pick was Yotam Halperian to the Sonics. The 24th pick was Hassan Adams to the Nets. The 25th pick was Ejike Ugboaja to the Cavs. The 26th pick was Edin Bavcic (drafted by Raptors) 76ers get him for cash. The 27th pick was to the Loukas Mavrokefalidis to the Wolves. The 28th pick was Danilo Pinnock to Dallas. The 29th pick was Damir Markota to the Spurs. The last pick was Will Blalock to the Pistons.