Thursday, June 29, 2006

A few teams made some nice deals that I didn't cover last night.

The Lakers traded the rights of Cheick Samb the 51st pick in the draft for Maurice Evans of the Pistons. "We felt there just weren't going to be enough minutes" for Maurice, Joe Dumars said. I like this deal for both teams. For Detroit it gives them another body to throw at Shaq. Evans is a nice asset for the Laker bench. The Lakers also traded a future second round pick to Dallas for J.R. Pinnock.

The Spurs traded the rights of Damir Markota to the Bucks for two second round draft picks in next year's draft. Again, good deal for both sides. This means the Spurs will have a bit more action in the next draft.

Now the details of the Suns to Celtics deal I reported last night. The Suns send the draft rights of Rajon Rondo the 21st selection and the contract of Brian Grant to the Celtics. The Celtics give a future first round pick to the Suns. Bad deal for Boston. You could lose a lottery pick and you have to pay Brian Grant. The Suns did exactly what they wanted to do, dump some money.

The 76ers got the draft rights to Edin Bavcic from the Raptors for cash. The Raptors free up some cash which will be used for free agency and trades. I updated the post on picks 11-60 and talked about this deal.