Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavs 98-96 but the Mavs still lead the series 2-1. The game was close in the end. The Mavs had a chance to tie with 1 second left but Wade played great defense. Dwyane Wade was great with 42 points and 12 boards in 43 minutes. Wade hurt his left knee but didn't back down and kept attacking. Shaquille O'Neal got 16 points and 11 boards in 37 minutes. O'Neal didn't shoot much, only 9 times. Credit the Mavs defense but Shaq will break it in game 4. Antoine Walker got 12 points and 7 boards in 35 minutes. Walker was good. He had to drive the ball and maybe Shaq will be open more. Jason Williams got 12 points and 3 assists in 35 minutes. Willams did okay, expect his shooting touch back in game 4. Dirk Nowitzki got 30 points and 7 boards in 45 minutes. Nowitzki had a great game but the Heat just had luck on their side in this game.