Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Miami Heat pulled off a road win over the Pistons 91-86 to take a 1-0 lead in the series. The Heat supporting cast was the key to the game this time when Shaq and Wade had foul trouble. Dwyane Wade got 25 points and 5 assists in 27 minutes. Wade didn't play much but when he did he was instant offense. Shaquille O'Neal got 14 points and 8 boards in 29 minutes. O'Neal was good but didn't have to dominate this game. Antoine Walker got 17 points and 7 boards in 38 minutes. Walker and Payton had there best games of the playoffs last night they were scoring more. Gary Payton got 14 points and 3 boards in 35 minutes off the bench. Payton has to keep this up and maybe he'll find some youth in this series like Finely did for the Spurs. Ben Wallace got 6 points and 14 boards in 39 minutes. Wallace is a player you love he doesn't score but has an impact we need more centers like that in this league. Richard Hamilton got 22 points and 4 boards in 41 minutes. I like how Flip Saunders had gone to the bench more I expect Lindsey Hunter to be a big part of game 2. Tayshaun Prince got 16 points and 6 boards in 40 minutes. Prince needs a few more isolation plays were he can get into the post and score. Look for this series to get tougher and hardier fouls in game 2.