Tuesday, May 23, 2006

After last night's game 7 the Western conference finals are set. In the first game the Spurs lost to the Mavs 119-111 in OT and the Mavs take the series 4-3. To bad for the Spurs but if your the Mavs you finally beat the Spurs! Dirk Nowitzki got 37 points and 15 boards in 50 minutes. Nowitzki was big when he hit that lay up and the foul late in regulation. Jason Terry got 27 points and 6 boards in 49 minutes. Terry had a few rainbows that were money and hitting those shots was something they didn't have in game 6. Josh Howard got 18 points and 6 boards in 36 minutes. Howard was great and really got the Mavs going early in the 1st. Jerry Stackhouse got 13 points and 6 assists in 40 minutes off the bench. Stackhouse also hit a big shot in OT and made it a three point play. Tim Duncan got 41 points and 15 boards in 50 minutes. Duncan played his best individual game of the playoffs but his team didn't do enough I think. In the second game the Suns beat the LA Clippers 127-107 and take the series 4-3. Now the Suns will play the Mavs in the Western Conference finals. The Clippers had a great season but should look to get farther next year. The Suns shot 60% for the game and 55.6% from downtown and those were the keys of the game.