Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Chicago Bulls beat the Washington Wizards 103-101 to take back the final playoff spot in the East. Ben Gordon hit 9-9 from three land and tied Latrell Sprewell's for most threes made without a miss. To bad Spree had to thank him from home instead of playing this season! Gordon finished with 32 points and 5 assists in 34 minutes. Gordon and the young baby Bulls are pulling and hard and I hope we see them on April 23rd. Kirk Hinrich got 19 points and 8 assists in 42 minutes. Hinrich has to anchor the offense and did well with 8 assists. Antonio Daniels got 20 points and 8 assists in 47 minutes. Good to see Daniels playing well but he should have stayed with Seattle. Gilbert Arenas got 36 points and 5 boards in 45 minutes. Arenas shot 32 times and unless your as hot as Kobe's 50 was last night don't do that.