Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last night in the three playoff games 2 home teams won and one team tied up their series. First of course the cruising Pistons beat the Bucks 109-89. Richard Hamilton got 18 points and 8 assists in 33 minutes. Hamilton got the ball out and did what's best for the team. Chauncey Billups got 20 points and 6 assists in 35 minutes. Billups didn't deserve MVP and I don't think he cares if it's not a finals ring. Michael Redd got 29 points and 4 boards in 37 minutes. Redd has to let T.J. Ford get going and pass the ball around. In the next game the Dallas Mavs protected home court with a 94-79 win over the Grizz for a 2-0 series lead. Dirk Nowitzki got 31 points and 4 boards in 37 minutes. Nowitzki has to play like this putting up 30+ but they needed that bench spark that was felt in game 1. Jason Terry got 16 points and 9 assists in 37 minutes. Terry was terrific and got the ball to his were they could score. Pau Gasol got 16 points and 7 boards in 38 minutes. Gasol also had 5 assists and that is just good teamwork and hard work for Gasol to pass it like that. In the last game the LA Lakers tied up the Suns 1-1 with a 99-93 win. Kobe Bryant got 29 points and 10 boards in 45 minutes. Kobe lead a nice balanced out attack by the Lakers. Lamar powered his way for 21 points and 7 boards in 44 minutes. Odom on one play were Kobe wanted the ball. Odom decided to it to the bucket and score and that's I like to see from a talented player. Steve Nash got 29 points and 9 assists in 40 minutes. Nash had to do the scoring early and then Tim Thomas got hot but he didn't have a big game 2.