Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Detroit Pistons beat the Miami Heat 82-73. Chauncey Billups got 24 points and 10 assists in 40 minutes. Billups has been doing some great pass of late and that shows a great team player. Tayshaun Prince got 20 points and 5 boards in 42 minutes. Prince has played well and does the things that don't show up in the stat sheets. Rasheed Wallace got 7 points and 10 boards in 41 minutes. Wallace hit the boards but didn't give much offense this time. Shaquille O'Neal got 27 points and 12 boards in 43 minutes. Shaq a lot of minutes because Zo went down but Riley might monitor the minutes more in less caliber games. Antoine Walker got 15 points and 5 boards in 28 minutes. Walker was solid off the bench he has to keep up the 15+ games. Dwyane Wade got 13 points and 9 assists in 40 minutes. Wade went 3-15 from the field so he did the next best thing pass the ball.