Monday, March 06, 2006

The Indian Pacers beat the Sixers 94-93. Phili made a major mistake and let Stephen Jackson get an easy game winning layup. Anthony Johnson had 18 points and 4 dimes in 31 minutes. Johnson has been great with Tinsely out and when he gets back he will supple it off the bench. Stephen Jackson had 18 points and 7 dimes in 40 minutes. Jackson didn't shot well but got it to his team and did it well. Peja Stojakovic had 13 points and 7 boards in 33 minutes. Stojakovic played well but was held to 13 points which ended up being enough. Allen Iverson got 33 points and 9 assists in 44 minutes. AI has had 9+ assists the last 3 games which shows he's matured and looks to pass. Andre Iguodala pumped in 10 points and 9 boards in 39 minutes. Little AI has to be start the game in a post move early on so he gets going early. Chris Webber got 17 points and 5 boards in 39 minutes. CWebb has 6+ assists a game for the Sixers to win more.