Friday, March 10, 2006

The Denver Nuggets beat the Philadelphia 76ers 97-93. Andre Miller had 9 points and 12 assists in 35 minutes. Miller's passing has been great and he is a leader of the team. Marcus Camby had 13 points and 14 boards in 34 minutes. Camby has to try and stay healthy the rest of the season so the don't run out of centers. Carmelo Anthony had 29 points and 10 boards in 42 minutes. Melo has been getting better and his rebounding would be a nice new thing he can do. Chris Webber got 17 points and 20 boards in 43 minutes. Webber's boards were great and he even got some on the offensive end. Allen Iverson had 38 points and 6 assists in 44 minutes. AI has to get 8+ assists a night for the Sixers to be a bit successful. The Sixers had only AI and Cwebb in double figures that's really sad.