Thursday, March 16, 2006

The LA Lakers beat the T'Wolves 92-89. Lamar Odom got 20 points and 12 boards in 44 minutes. Odom was great and he's getting the points he needed. Kwame Brown got 13 points and 9 boards in 38 minutes. Brown has to start with Mihm hurt again and he'll have to do better than this to get it done. Kobe Bryant pumped in 25 points and 3 assists in 42 minutes. Kobe has to score more on a normal night but if Odom keeps up the 20 point games Kobe won't need to do more. Luke Walton got 9 points and 7 boards in 23 minutes off the bench. Walton has been big and he bagged a big three late that gave the Lakers the lead. KG got 16 points and 14 boards in 38 minutes. The Wolves have to trade him even though they won't get enough back he can't take this stress any longer.