Friday, March 17, 2006

The Miami Heat came back to beat the Celts from 25 down. Flash exploded in the 2nd half and 30 points and 6 assists in 40 minutes. Wade had to lead the Heat back and he got on fire. Shaquille O'Neal got 26 points and 11 boards in 39 minutes. Shaq was great and he is now starting to play the major minutes. Udonis Haslem jammed hme 11 points and pulled down 11 boards in 34 minutes. Haslem and Shaq between them had 21 of 37 Heat rebounds and that tells you that you have great big men. Paul Pierce got 34 points and 8 assists in 42 minutes. Pierce played great and got his team the ball but Wade was to much to handle. Wally Szczerbiak got 30 points and 1 assists in 38 minutes. Szczerbiak only scored didn't do much otherwise but it still helped. Delonte West got 15 points and 5 dimes in 42 minutes. West is a great player who better passing ability than you think he does.