Friday, March 24, 2006

The Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavs 122-121. JRich scored a game winning three to be one of the few teams to beat Dallas. Mike Dunleavy got 21 points and 8 boards in 41 minutes. Dunleavy can play and he's a good role for the starting 5. Jason Richardson added 40 points and 4 dimes in 41 minutes. Richardson was great slashing and scoring on the Mavs defense. Derek Fisher got 17 points and 6 steals in 38 minutes. Fisher's defensive was felt as he helped the Warriors get on the fastbreak and score. Dirk Nowitzki light it up with 51 points and 9 boards in 41 minutes. Nowitzki didn't pass enough and that's why his team lost it's a team game Dirk! Jason Terry got 29 points and 7 assists in 33 minutes. Terry is great and got the ball to his team. Marquis Daniels got 12 points and 4 boards in 29 minutes. Daniels has got more minutes because of injuries and he has been doing well.


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