Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Boston Celtics beat the Indiana Pacers 99-98. Stephen Jackson couldn't hit a last second game winning shot so the Pacers came up short. Paul Pierce got a strong 31 points and 8 assists in 40 minutes. Pierce has been having to do a lot for his team that still hasn't had one 3 game winning streak this season. Delonte West had 17 points and 7 assists in 45 minutes. West has come on in recent games and is showing the nice passing skills. Raef LaFrentz got 11 points and 11 boards in 34 minutes. LaFrentz had been a great stretch of the defense and has to hit the three for Celts to be any better. Stephen Jackson had 20 points and 7 assists in 38 minutes. Jackson played great but was one shot short of getting his team the W. Peja Stojakovic had 24 points and 4 boards in 37 minutes. Peja has been scoring more points with the Pacers and looks like he fits very well with the Pacers system.