Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today was the trade deadline and a load of not blockbusters went down. One of biggest trades was a four team deal with the Kings, Nuggets, Sonics and Blazers. The Nuggets got Ruben Patterson from the Blazers and Reggie Evans from Seattle and Charles Smith as a cap throw in. The Sonics picked up Earl Watson, Bryon Russell and a second round pick from Denver. Portland got Vitaly Potapenko's one year contract from Seattle and Sergei Monia of Portland. Also the Nets send Mark Jackson and Linton Johnson to the Hornets for Bostjan Nachbar. Another trade is Ronald 'Flip' Murray to the Cavs for Mike Wilks 500,000 in cash and a second round draft pick. The dealt rookie Gerald Fitch to Houston for Derek Anderson and possibly other players to be reported later. Phili got Lee Nailon and a second round pick out to the Cavs for one second round draft pick. ESPN did a great job reporting on the trades so watch ESPN and check the site for any other trades! If you ask me the winners in all the trades are the Magic and the Sonics both are dealing cap or getting better with their trades.