Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Orando Magic said good bye and good luck to Steve Francis when they sent him to the New York Knicks for young Trevor Ariza and what's left of Penny Hardaway's contract. The Magic are looking to rebuild again and made there second trade before the trade deadline on Thurseday at 3pm. Now the Magic will probably start newly added guard Carlos Arryo and use Ariza and Hardaway as bench players. I like this move for the Magic for two reasons one now they cleared a bit more cap space and two they have been putting team players around Dwight Howard so they can make him better and he can make them better. I don't like the deal for New York because now they have more cap added to the under 140 or so million they have to make a quick move to dump cap. Also the Knicks are deprarate to win and Thomas with add anyone that has a big contract to do it. Also the Magic wavied Bo Outlaw.