Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Utah Jazz beat the Chicago Bulls 109-107. Mehmet Okur had a game winning three in overtime and left .7 on the clock and the Bulls made a three but it was after the red lights went off. Andrei Kirilenko had 21 points and 10 boards in 40 minutes. Andrei's 10 boards is a factor in any overtime game. Matt Harpring led the way with 28 points and 8 boards in 36 minutes off the bench. Harpring is great in a bench role Sloan does it again. Greg Ostertag had only 6 points but got 9 boards in 25 minutes off the bench. He will always be able to rebound and Jerry Sloan is a huge fan of rebounding. Milt Palacio had 13 points and 8 assists in 38 minutes. Palacio is passer in Deron Williams absence. Kirk Hinrich had 19 points and 6 assists in 49 minutes. The Bulls have to play Pargo more and monitor his minutes. Ben Gordon had 35 points and 2 assists in 45 minutes. Gordon had to to much of a load on offense if you ask me help him out Bulls. Tyson Chandler had 8 points and 11 boards in 36 minutes. Chandler hit the boards but didn't score.