Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Memphis Grizzlies slid by the LA Lakers 100-99. Kobe couldn't hit an off balance three in the final seconds that would have brought them back to win but chances are it wouldn't have counted anyway. This was the Lakers first home loss since January 1st against the Utah Jazz during Kobe's suspension. Pau Gasol had 31 points and 12 boards in 41 minutes. Gasol got his 20th double-double and should be proud to be a All Star for the first time. Eddie Jones had 25 points and 8 boards in 42 minutes. Jones has to play big minutes so the Grizzlies can thrive and stay up in the West. Also without Mike Miller the Grizz bench will be put to the test. Chucky Atkins had 18 points and 3 assists in 36 minutes. Atkins has a tough job in leading the Grizz at point but he's the right veteran to do it. Devean George had 15 points and 7 boards in 35 minutes off the bench. George must have the starters worried he could take there spot at anytime! Kobe Bryant had 26 points and 4 assists in 46 minutes. Kobe has to sit more Vujacic can play more than 16 minutes. Smush Parker had 20 points and 3 assists in 34 minutes. Parker did what he needed to do but he's got to pass the ball more and rack up the assists. Kwame Brown had 18 points and 8 boards in 36 minutes. Brown played fantastic and is progressing as a Laker.