Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last bight was All Star Saturday and lots of things happened. First the Radio Shack shooting stars competion the Spurs team of Tony Parker, Steve Kerr and Kendra Wecker of the Silver Stars won in record time of 25.1 seconds. Next Flash took home the Playstaion skills competion and taking the crown from Steve Nash who didn't do that well. In the Foot Locker shootout 7 footer Dirk Nowitzki took home the trophy and was the first the Maverick to do so. Then was the fan favorite Sprite rising slam dunk. The competetors were Hakim Warrick a rookie from the Memphis Grizzlies, defending champion Josh Smith from Atlanta, Nate Robinson a rookie from the New York Knicks and Andre Igoudala or AI from the 76ers. Warrick's frist dunk was a backwards slam that scored him a total of 86 in the end of the first round. AI or Igudala first did a bounce to himself windmill that got him enough points to get to the second round. Nate Robinson or Spud Webb Jr.'s first dunk was a bounce to self high flying plane crash to get him to the next round. Last years champion Josh Smith put tape far back to jump form but didn't go near as far as the tape was. The next round was Nate Robinson and Andre Iguodala which had jaw dropping plays. Iguodala did an amazing play which had Allen Iverson throw it off the back of the backboard the had Andre go get it and go around for the dunk which was a 50. Spud Jr. had help Q-rich and got an alley oop and then did a nice windmill. Then Nate did a between the legs slam at less than 6 feet! Andre then bounced it then a behind the back in the air then jammed it home! Nate was incredible when he brought out Spud Webb to give him a bounce pass oop for an amazing jump over him for a slam. Igudala than put it between the legs then jammed it hard! Nate had to try the next dunk over ten times before he pulled of a crossover off the backboard dunk. Andre came back with running throw the backboard area slam that was the last dunk. After the first every need for a dunk off Nat Robinson won 141-140 over AI.