Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Sacremento Kings 109-103. Allen Iverson had 41 points and 6 assits in 45 minutes. Iverson and Bibby both tryed to get 81 but they will never catch Kobe. Chris Webber had 17 points and 13 boards in 40 minutes. Webber played great and is putting up solid rebouding numbers. Samuel Dalembert had 8 points and 13 boards in 36 minutes. He doesn't have to score to have a double double and the Sixers need to focus on keeping him there. Mike Bibby had 44 points and 4 assists in 43 minutes. He played a great indivual game for the Kings to be good he has to pass the ball. Kenny Thomas had 9 points and 13 boards in 32 minutes. Thomas got more boards than points I think that's what the Kings want from him. Peja didn't play because he thought that he was to be traded to the Pacers. But that deal appears to be off the table because Artest didn't want to be a king.