Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I recently interviewed Florida Pit Bulls center Karel Rosario, so here you go!

First, I wanted to know what it was like to play and be coached by Tim Hardaway.

"As we all know Tim was one of the best ever to play in the NBA," Karel said. "His knowledge of basketball helps everyone around him. It is a privilege to be coached and play with Tim, it's almost surreal."

Great answer, Karel. Give a hello to Tim for me! Next I wanted to know why did Karel try out for the Pit Bulls.

Karel said, "I heard about the tryouts from a friend who encouraged me to participate. I began to train about two months prior to the tryout and made sure I was physically in shape. The Pit Bulls was the only local ABA team and what made it exciting was that Tim, along with other local coaches, was being part of it."

I think that must have been exciting. Certainly having Tim as a manager and player is a huge draw. If there were another close by ABA team, how would you get people away from playing with Tim Hardaway?

Third question: Are the other top teams very tough?

Karel thinks other teams are tough. "Most of the teams in the ABA are very competitive, although I truly believe that we have the most talented and deep teams in the league."

I think everyone agrees that teams like the Alley Cats are tough, but the Pit Bulls proved themselves against them.

Tell me Karel, do you have an inspiration when you're playing? If you do, why?

"I always try to inspire myself. I always think about all the hard work that I have put into getting where I am, that in it self inspires me."

I asked Karel how old he was, when he started playing bball and when he decided he wanted to play for a living.

"I started playing basketball in the 8th grade (about 14 years old)," he said. "For my 11th and 12th grade year I attended Florida Christian School (Miami, Florida). There we won the state championship in 1996. I was fortunate to obtain a basketball scholarship to Florida International University where I had a great four years. I played alongside Carlos Arroyo (Detroit Pistons) and Raja Bell (Phoenix Suns). I also played with Sylbrin Robinson who plays with me now in the Pit Bulls. I had the opportunity to continue my career playing pro ball in Venezuela, Spain, Croatia, and Lebanon. In 2001, I fractured my right ankle and had to leave basketball. I became a Law Enforcement Officer in 2002, which I enjoyed very much. Now I'm with the Pit Bulls."

Wow! What an international career! Karel must have fans all over. An interesting past. I know I'm a big Raja Bell and Carlos Arroyo fan.

How do you feel about the Maryland Nighthawks making an offer for Ron Artest?

"If they could afford his skills then I believe it was a good offer."

I wish ABA teams could afford that big paycheck.

Is the ABA a minor league?

Karel answers, "I believe the ABA is a professional basketball league. We do everything the NBA does, just in a smaller scale."

I wondered if Karel has any weird rituals before a game.

"Yes I do," he said. "I always try to be alone before a game. I like no disruptions and l like to keep my concentration."

Being alone is his choice, but then I wonder, who pumps him up.

What do you think, Karel. Should the ABA season be longer?

"I think that the ABA season should be six months long."

What do you do when you are not playing basketball?

"I like to train all the time," he said. "I also like going to the movies and going out with my wife, Kristy."

Any advice for people who want to play professional sports?

"The first thing that I would say is to go to school and obtain an education. Second, understand that pro basketball is a very competitive business. Once you are in the pros it's like any other job that requires 100% dedication."

I would like to thank Karel for being nice enough to do this interview and good luck to the Pit Bulls! Look for more interviews to come soon.