Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The .500 Oklahoma City Hornets beat the Milwaukee Bucks 94-93. David West hit a big game winner that left 0.1 for the Bucks to sigh over. Total West had 24 points and 15 boards in 34 minutes. West is a great player and the Hornets have to make sure the keep him so they can keep getting better. If you look at the standings some how the Hornets have the 8th spot in the West! Chris Paul had 16 points and 9 assists in 40 minutes. Paul is learning to score but right now the passing is fine. Speedy Claxton had 19 points and 4 assists in 32 minutes. I think Speedy should go the Suns because he would thrive in the Suns run and gun style of play. All Bucks were in double figures including Michael Redd who had 32 points and 6 assists in 41 minutes. Redd needs to hit three's but went 0-6 from downtown. Jamaal Magloire had 12 points and 9 boards in 35 minutes. Magloire wanted to bring it to the team that traded him but didn't get what he wanted. Andrew Bogut had 13 points and 7 boards in 39 minutes. Bogut Played great but it was just a heartbreaking loss for the Bucks.