Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Miami Heat beat the Utah Jazz 100-94. Shaquille O'Neal had 12 points and 14 boards in 34 minutes. Shaq's still getting healthy but he needs to be able to play more than 34 minutes against the great teams. Dwyane Wade had 31 points and 8 assists in 46 minutes. Wade has had a few triple doubles this year and I expect many more to come. James Posey had 17 points and 9 boards in 42 minutes. Posey is 100% and I like what he's supplying for the Heat for now. Mehmet Okur had 20 points and 14 rebounds in 35 minutes. Okur led the Jazz but it wasn't enough to them stop from getting burnt by the Heat. Andrei Kirilenko had 25 points and 8 rebounds in 44 minutes. He's a tough fit but he should be an All Star.