Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 2006 and to ring in the new year I'm going to give you some standing updates. Fist NBA the Eastern conference. The Detroit Pistons at 24-4 appear to be running away with the East and might not have to worry about any other teams. The red hot New Jersey Nets are 2nd at 17-12 and 8 straight wins and look to be a top 3 contender in the East. Miami Heat are 3rd at 17-13 and gaining on the Nets with a healthy Shaq. 4th the Cleveland Cavs at 18-10 who came off a win against Detroit might make the playoffs this year. Milwaukee Bucks are 5th at 16-11 and are in a good spot now but will probably loss it soon if T.J. Ford can't stay healthy. Indiana Pacers are 6th with a 15-12 record and will need time to get used to the soon to come Ron Artest trade. 7th is Philadelphia at 15-15 and if they get lucky they will keep that spot. Orlando is 8th at 12-15 and look good with a healthy Grant Hill and this might be the year they make it to the playoffs. Now time for the Eastern teams that right now are out of the playoffs. The Washington Wizards are 9th at 12-16 and have been a disappointment as of now. 10th is the Chicago Bulls who are in a tie for this spot with Boston and the Bulls have a good chance to bounce back and steal a spot. Also 10th of course the Celtics who at this point have no chance for the playoffs only if the pull off some blockbuster deal. Charlotte is 10-20 and has improved but still has a lot of time until they will be good. Toronto is horrible at 8-22 and I don't have a thing to say about this bad team. Now the two teams tied for last Atlanta and New York at 7-21 both teams have good potential but not this season.