Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The LA Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors 96-93. The Clipps came back from 19 down to beat a fast Warriors team that's impressive. Elton Brand had 28 points and 9 boards in 39 minutes. Brand should be in the All Star game because he's putting up numbers and his team is doing well for once. Sam Cassell had 24 points and 4 assists in 37 minutes. Cassell needs to focus on being more of a passer so it's not just Brand and him scoring. Troy Murphy had 16 points and grabbed 20 boards in 40 minutes. Murphy's rebounding was off the charts and he had a terrific game. Mike Dunleavy had 10 points and 12 boards in 35 minutes. Mike played well but I think that they should put him off the bench so they can have a big load of energy off the bench. Jason Richardson had 30 points and 5 boards in 40 minutes. Jrich is the guy who just goes out and scores. Golden State had 51 boards compared to 37 by the Clippers.