Friday, November 04, 2005

The Florida Pit Bulls announced there inagural ABA season roster today. Karel Rosario is a 6'9 center who actually tied for tallest on the team and he went to FIU college in 2001. Rosario will wear number 50. Darren Randall is a 6'5 forward who went to East Central college in 2005. Randall wilwear number 24. Dwight Anglade is also 6'5 and a forward who went to Mt. State in 2004. Andre Smith a 6'2 guard who went to UNC - Ashville in 2003. Rodrique Djahue is a 6'7 center who went to the University of Miami in 2004. Djahue will wear number 47 minutes. Jarron Jones is 6'4 guard who went to Lynn University. Jones will wear number 47. Ron Dokes is a 6'9 center who went to Duquesne college in 2004. Dokes will wear number 41 minutes. Marcus Barnes is a 6'2 guard who went to Northeastern University in 2005. Barnes will wear number 5. Bobby St. Preux is a 6'5 forward who went to Northern Kentucky college. Bobby will wear number 31. Terence Shelman is a 6'7 forward who went to Miami Northwestern in 1996. Shelman will wear number 8. Anthony Slater is the smallest player on the team at 5'5 and he went to FAU in 2001. Slater will wear number 12. Delvin Thomas is a 6'7 forward who went to Bethune Cookman in 2002 Thomas will wear number 33. Last but not least player coach Tim Hardaway who went to Texas El-Paso in 1989. Tim will wear number 10.