Sunday, March 30, 2003

Rule May Keep Teens Out of the NBA

ESPN said that there might be a rule to keep teens out of the 2004 draft which I am mad about because that would ruin LeBron James celebrity rookie season. That's not fair because he is such a great player and I bet he thinks it's not all about throwing it down. Most young players like to dunk it all the time but I don't think LeBron does. He takes 3s and jumpers and dunks so he shoots from all around the floor which I think is good for a young player that can shoot well. This rule would be bad for lots of players not just LeBron. If they enforced the rule this season there would be no Amare Stodemire and he has turned into a great player. We don't want that rule to stop LeBron. You can read more about this in the ESPN magazine.
Mavericks Blow Out T'Wolves

The Mavericks just threw out the T'Wolves with 100 points in 3 quarters and Dirk added 33 points as they won. They still don't have one of their big 3 back - Michael Finley who was playing great before his injury. KG was also throwing it down. He had two throwdowns off alleyoops from Kendall Gill. Too bad the T'Wolves couldn't pull it off. None of their players could even throw it down except for KG. I couldn't they were thrown out like that after playing so well. Despite the loss, KG had a double double for the 21st time which leads the League in double doubles.


Shaquille O'Neal was throwing it down against Yao Ming. He had 39 points and Yao put up a pathetic 4. Shaq just overpowered him as usual but Yao Ming didn't even get one throwdown and he's 7'6". I guess Shaq was too much for him down low. Not much of a game for most of the Rockets but another great game for the Lakers as they won on the road against Houston.

RUDY T Leaves for the Season

Houston has also lost their head coach for the rest of the season. Rudy Tomjanovich has bladder cancer which will be treated during the week and he shall be back next season with his team. His assistant coach, Larry Smith, will replace him for the rest of the season and maybe the playoffs if they make it. Good luck Rudy, hope to see you next year.
Tim's Back with the Pacers

Tim Hardaway has played two games with his new team, the Pacers. They have won both games against the Bulls and the Suns. In the first game vs. the Bulls Tim had 14 points. He gave a command performance with the Pacers. In the second game he didn't play much but he scored and Tim is back on the court again. He's really going to help them get turnovers, play defense and show the young guys how to play.


Kobe had 32 more points than Michael Jordan two days ago in a huge game for both teams because the Wizards have that 8th spot in the playoffs. Kobe's 55 points which included 32 more than MJ which is TMac's average - Kobe had 45 at the end of the half which is a Laker team record and the Lakers won 108 to 94 and the Big Man added 26 points - 3 more than MJ. For the Wizards Jerry Stackhouse added 22 points. It was all good in Laker town that night!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Mavs beat Kings For The First Time this season in OT. Today the Mavs beat the Kings 129-123. I did not think the Kings would have a good chance to win because they beat Dallas 3 times this season and the last two times they played it's gone into OT!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Dan Majerle's Number Retired

On Sunday Dan Majerle's number 9 was retired in Phoenix. I think he does not deserve it because he didn't seem like one of the greatest Phoenix Sun's in history. He didn't seem that good but he can shoot a bit. But I think it's nice that they would do that for him but they should give it to someone who is more deserving.

Watch out! Shaq is starting to be himself again. With his last 2 games he has a combined 79 points! He's been on a little streak the last 2 games as the Lakers have won 3 in a row and have taken the 6th spot in the West. Watch out Minnesota the Lakers are coming! I think Shaq will get past A.I. in scoring per game because he is averaging more than Iverson in the last two games they've played.

I wonder if it's Shaq team or Kobe's team. It might be Shaq's team for the last two games but so far for the whole season it's been Kobe's and Shaq says he's the MVP. He's right! GO KOBE. Win that award and beat KG!

Thursday, March 06, 2003


The Cavalier's lately waived Tyrone Hill. The Sixers who traded him were one of the teams that wanted him back - badly. Larry Brown said they needed a big man who can defend on this stretch. "I think its a good thing the Sixers got this new player because it will help them get hotter than they will on the 8 game winning streak".
HORRY's Game Winning Shot

Last night the LA Lakers were against the Indiana Pacers. It was all tied up 95 to 95. I think there were 2.3 seconds left and Robert Horry had the ball - it looked like he was going to shoot a three - but then he moved up and shot it at the buzzer. It went in and was the third game that the final score was 97 - 95 last night. Horry's shot was so great because remember last year's game winning shot in the playoffs to the Lakers into the finals? Well, this shot was during the regular season but it's just as good if it goes in. This means that Robert Horry can come in for anyone and play great during crunch time which is a good thing in a player.

GO ROBERT! Hit those buzzer beaters!

Elgin Baylor fired the Clippers head coach earlier this week.and now the assistant coach is the head coach. Elgin said he fired him because they never had a winning record this season. I think it was a way good thing that they fired Alvin Gentry because they never won games and they have too much talent to lose like this. I mean you have Elton Brand, Andre Miller, Lamar Odom, Quentin Richardson and Michael Olowokandi and still no wins? It must be the rest of the team that's not putting their effort into the games.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003


Tonight on ESPN at 9PM the Twolves will go up against the Kings. Both teams are playing very well at the moment even though both teams have lost their last game. I think the Kings will definitely win it but I'd like to see it go into overtime because it would be crunch time with the All-Stars CWebb and KG. But I don't think either one will be MVP this year because it's KOBE'S year.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Listen up Charles Barkley's show is doing well but I think they should do more on the Jet's court like get the Jet to shoot some 3s. I think KG is talked about being MVP. Charles, you are wrong. Kobe's the best choice for MVP!

Sunday, March 02, 2003


Today I heard that MJ knocked Jalen Rose's tooth out last night when they faced each other. The Wizards won that game. I think that he knocked his tooth out because both teams are playing very physical at this point in the season.

I learned that MJ elbowed Jalen and that's why his tooth got knocked out.

Tomorrow if you're in Florida you can see the Magic and the Bulls on Sunshine Network.
JAZZ and NETS in a close game at the end

Just a while ago the Jazz and the Nets were up against each other in Utah. The score was 90 to 89. It was a Jazz ball and Andrei Kirilenko tipped it in at the buzzer. The final score was the Jazz 91 and the Nets 90. What a close game there!

Today for the first time Chris Whitney was playing for the Magic as they faced the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had 2 points and is number 12 on the Magic. I think Chris Whitney will help them a lot with 3 pointers just like Gordon Giricek.
New Cavs jerseys next year

In the 2004-2005 NBA season the Cavs are going to have gold and some other color. This is going back to the Cavs old jerseys from maybe 1972.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Who's Defensive Player of the Year?

I think this year's Defensive Player of the Year might be Kenyon Martin of the New Jersey Nets because he blocks shots, rips down boards and plays hard on D. If it's not Kmart then it might be Keon Clark of the Sacramento Kings because he plays really good defense and sometimes can rip the offensive and defensive boards down. One of those two might be Defensive Player of the Year.