Friday, February 28, 2003


Just a few minutes ago Patrick Ewing's number 33 was sent to the racks. Patrick also got an H2 Hummer from the Knicks and a sculpture of himself and a picture collage. He was very emotional and was about to cry but held himself back. MJ thought he would cry but he didn't. Patrick thanked his family and some of the New York Knicks and other players that he played against. He was very loyal to the fans telling about how he'd always be a Knick and a New Yorker.

While MJ was talking I could not believe my ears because some fans were actually booing MJ. I can't believe it. The greatest player of all time booed!

Charles Barkley was also there and lots of other greats like Walt Frazier and Dr. J and Alonzo Mourning. There were lots of ovations and clapping which was deserved for big number 33.

Tonight Patrick Ewing's number 33 is going to be retired at the Garden during the half time game between the Knicks and the red hot Magic. I think that Patrick really deserves his number being retired because he played so hard and great in New York. Plus he was very aggressve and he threw it down with authority.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Come On Clippers The L.A. Clippers should be winning because Andre Miller and Elton Brand have so much talent. Only 19 wins. Come on Clippers!
MAGICS TRADE PAYING OFF Gordon Giricek is playing great and so is Drew Gooden and the Magic have had wins over Dallas and the Bulls since and have won four straight games.
Is MJ going to play tonight?

Michael Jordan missed practice today and might miss tonight's game against Yao and the Houston Rockets. I think he will play tonight but might not be in the starting lineup. If he plays and starts, he won't play as many minutes as usual. So it will be up to Jerry Stackhouse to bring them back and maybe Juan Dixon. If Juan scores maybe 24 they have a good chance to win (depending on Stackhouse's play).

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Welcome to my new basketball notes. I have a lot to say about the game of basketball.

Last night Kobe Bryant had 32 points against the Clippers which snapped his 9 straight games of 40 plus points. I thought he would score maybe 48 against the Clippers because they have only won 19 games this season.
More to follow later.