Friday, July 25, 2003


Lots of teams are getting much stronger because of the free agents that they are signing and other teams have been doing some great and bad trades. The team that has improved the most will be the Denver Nuggets or the Los Angeles Lakers.

I pick Denver because they have Carmelo Anthony and Andre Miller now and that will help their team evolve into a much better team. I pick the Lakers because of the addition of Karl Malone and Gary Peyton and their two draft picks, Brian Cook and Luke Walton.

If not those teams, I'd go with the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Philadelphia 76ers. The Cavs will be better because of LeBron James coming to the team and Kevin Ollie, Ira Newble. They are all really great players to add to the team. I pick the 6ers because they have really played their cards right in the trading game.

If not those teams either, then it obviously be the Sacramento Kings. With the addition of Brad Miller it will give them a really big boost in the center position and help Vlade stay on the bench more and not get fouled out every game.

That's why this NBA season will be more competitive and better than other seasons in a long time.