Monday, May 05, 2003

The Magic Lose Their Series

I could not believe Game 7 in Detroit. The Magic could not get anything. Tracy only had 21 points. Where was the rest of the team besides Drew Gooden? I think they were trapped by the defense of the Detroit Pistons since they have had the defensive player of the year for the past 2 seasons. It was a sad and hard loss for the Magic but I think they'll do better next year with new players and maybe even new staff. Grant Hill should be back next season.


I heard today that John Stockton of the Utah Jazz has retired from the NBA after 19 seasons of excellent play with the Jazz. It must be a sad day in Salt Lake City. I don't think John Stockton will come back to the NBA unless he doen't have fun doing what he's going to do now. I hope Karl will be okay without him. It will be a different team with John. He's one of the BEST point guards in the history of the NBA. That's JOHN STOCKTON, the point guard who will always pass it like real point guard! Hope you have fun in your future, John! I will miss you! Next season maybe Mark Jackson will be the starting point guard for the Utah Jazz.

The Blazers Lose Their Series in Game 7

In Dallas the Blazers could have made NBA history but they didn't. They could have been the first team to have ever rallied from being 3 games down. But sadly they could not win the series. I think they'll do much better next year with Scottie Pippen back for the next playoffs.