Sunday, March 30, 2003

Tim's Back with the Pacers

Tim Hardaway has played two games with his new team, the Pacers. They have won both games against the Bulls and the Suns. In the first game vs. the Bulls Tim had 14 points. He gave a command performance with the Pacers. In the second game he didn't play much but he scored and Tim is back on the court again. He's really going to help them get turnovers, play defense and show the young guys how to play.


Kobe had 32 more points than Michael Jordan two days ago in a huge game for both teams because the Wizards have that 8th spot in the playoffs. Kobe's 55 points which included 32 more than MJ which is TMac's average - Kobe had 45 at the end of the half which is a Laker team record and the Lakers won 108 to 94 and the Big Man added 26 points - 3 more than MJ. For the Wizards Jerry Stackhouse added 22 points. It was all good in Laker town that night!