Sunday, March 30, 2003

Rule May Keep Teens Out of the NBA

ESPN said that there might be a rule to keep teens out of the 2004 draft which I am mad about because that would ruin LeBron James celebrity rookie season. That's not fair because he is such a great player and I bet he thinks it's not all about throwing it down. Most young players like to dunk it all the time but I don't think LeBron does. He takes 3s and jumpers and dunks so he shoots from all around the floor which I think is good for a young player that can shoot well. This rule would be bad for lots of players not just LeBron. If they enforced the rule this season there would be no Amare Stodemire and he has turned into a great player. We don't want that rule to stop LeBron. You can read more about this in the ESPN magazine.