Sunday, March 30, 2003

Mavericks Blow Out T'Wolves

The Mavericks just threw out the T'Wolves with 100 points in 3 quarters and Dirk added 33 points as they won. They still don't have one of their big 3 back - Michael Finley who was playing great before his injury. KG was also throwing it down. He had two throwdowns off alleyoops from Kendall Gill. Too bad the T'Wolves couldn't pull it off. None of their players could even throw it down except for KG. I couldn't they were thrown out like that after playing so well. Despite the loss, KG had a double double for the 21st time which leads the League in double doubles.


Shaquille O'Neal was throwing it down against Yao Ming. He had 39 points and Yao put up a pathetic 4. Shaq just overpowered him as usual but Yao Ming didn't even get one throwdown and he's 7'6". I guess Shaq was too much for him down low. Not much of a game for most of the Rockets but another great game for the Lakers as they won on the road against Houston.

RUDY T Leaves for the Season

Houston has also lost their head coach for the rest of the season. Rudy Tomjanovich has bladder cancer which will be treated during the week and he shall be back next season with his team. His assistant coach, Larry Smith, will replace him for the rest of the season and maybe the playoffs if they make it. Good luck Rudy, hope to see you next year.