Friday, October 02, 2015

Detroit Pistons Team Up with Funny Or Die

The Detroit Pistons got creative in this years media day. They teamed up with Funny Or Die for a segment called "The Backboard." Watch below:

Can you say lol? This is some great stuff. Thanks Funny Or Die and of course the Detroit Pistons!

Merci to Uproxx for the link!

Tony Allen Is Hilarious!

Tony Allen is one funny dude. When talking about his teammate Mike Conley's pregame music he told the Commercial Appeal this, "He stopped listening to Usher and he's listening to Tupac, Future. He's turnt up now, so his whole preparation before the game is seek and destroy now. I like that ambition about him."

From ana-foo on Tumblr
Will Mike Conley's pregame music selections propel him this season? Maybe, but it sure is hilarious to hear Tony Allen chime in on the subject. Tony Allen would make a great commentator.

Gracias, The Score!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gerald Green: Great Pickup For The Heat

Gerald Green recently signed a one year deal with the Miami Heat. Gerald Green's an awesome pickup. Gerald Green provides depth behind Dwyane Wade, athleticism and timely offense.

"Gerald Green at all-star PBL game 2011 (2)" by This photo is a work by Artem Korzhimanov.You can find more of my works in my gallery and in the category Photos by User:Artem Korzhimanov.Even more of my works can be found in my galleries at Picasa and Panoramio. - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
The Miami Heat needed another spark plug in their rotation. Gerald Green is that energizer. Gerald Green is known for his dunks, but Gerald Green showed in Phoenix that he's a legit player. Gerald Green is scrappy, a player who will go for 50 50 balls and make things happen that aren't always statistically accounted for.

Pat Riley knows exactly how Gerald Green fits the Heat. When the dog days of February in the NBA roll around and DWade is feeling a little sluggish, insert Gerald Green. The Heat can even go small and play Gerald Green at the three (small forward) or four (power forward) positions.

Having the luxury to bring
in a lineup of Dragic, Wade, Gerald Green, Bosh and Whiteside is huge. If the Miami Heat are healthy, they will make the playoffs. Yes, that's an NBA prediction in the middle of July.

Gerald Green will make the Heat more dynamic. Highlight dunks, defensive intensity and overall energy is what Gerald Green brings. Clap Miami Heat fans, Gerald Green's taking his talents to South Beach!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stanley Johnson: Lottery Pick? How Can He Improve?

By TonyTheTiger (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Stanley Johnson is an intriguing part of the 2015 NBA Draft class. Stanley Johnson had a great year at Arizona, but is he a lottery pick? How can he prepare for his rookie year?

If you've seen Stanley Johnson play (peep some highlights here), the clear answer is yes! Stanley Johnson has an NBA body, is as athletic as a panther and will make contributions in his first year. Stanley Johnson showed all of this at Arizona.

With his talent level, there's little doubt Stanley Johnson will go in the lottery. Stanley Johnson would fit well with the Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade would help mold him into the starting swing-man he's poised to be. Another solid fit would be the New York Knicks. Stanley Johnson would thrive under the bright lights, though Tim Hardaway Jr. might protest to such a pick!

How can Stanley Johnson get better? Working tirelessly on his mid and long range jumpers, paying attention to his nutrition and becoming a more vocal leader.

Stanley Johnson has a solid all around game, yet his jumper needs to be more consistent. Stanley Johnson is a renaissance man on the court, providing on both ends, but the NBA's a make or miss league. If the jumpers don't go down, that's the difference between a W and an L. So players must knock down three's at a decent clip and the best players have mid-range jumpers too.

Stanley Johnson has the potential to be one of the best, so his accuracy must go up. While Stanley Johnson shot about 37% at Arizona, in the NBA he'll need to identify his sweet spots and shot 40 plus percent if being a superstar is the goal.

Nutrition, the fountain of youth that most NBA players forget about. Stanley Johnson needs to eat healthfully and live an overall health promoting lifestyle. After Stanley Johnson works out, remember that Supps R Us offers different varieties of protein shakes. Eating simply, promoting more whole foods, in addition to getting the essential amino acids, will allow Stanley Johnson to thrive and build muscle.

Vocal leading is what separates the okay from the great. When rookies come into the league, much like when someone begins to workout at the gym, they look to fit in. After fitting in with your teammates and getting ripped with your gym buddies, expressing yourself strongly and clearly becomes paramount.

Stanley Johnson is only 19 years old. It will take him some time before he's ready to bark out orders to a veteran like Matt Barnes, for example. Give Stanley Johnson time and he'll find his do it now voice.

Overall, Stanley Johnson is an exciting prospect. Will it translate to NBA success? Only time will tell. Sure hope it does.

Good luck Stanley Johnson!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lance Stephenson Traded to Clippers

Mark Runyon |
Lance Stephenson has been traded to the Clippers for Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes, per Adrian Wojnarowski. Can Lance Stephenson be the same player he was with the Indiana Pacers? That's the big question here.

Considering that Lance Stephenson's only 24 years old, there's potential upside here. Sure, Lance Stephenson didn't have an awesome year statistically with Charlotte, but Doc Rivers works wonders. Overall, this move, while a
hefty investment, could be amazing for LAC.

When Lance Stephenson gets around hard working, vocal teammates like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, that'll have a huge impact. Doc Rivers maximizes players potential. It's easy for players to pick up their play if the competition in practice is fierce. Chris Paul will practice hard and that will be contagious for Lance Stephenson.

Mark Runyon |
Giving up Hawes and Barnes is really nothing. This is a salary dump, Barnes will go elsewhere in free agency. So, giving up two non-impact players for a guy who could (repeat could!) be an integral piece is tremendous.

Come on Lance Stephenson! Could it be time for the Clippers to shine next year, fueled by Lance Stephenson?

Friday, June 05, 2015

Kyrie Irving Out 3-4 Months

By Erik Drost from United States (Kyrie Irving  Uploaded by Dudek1337) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Kyrie Irving's now out for the finals after news has come out that he's fractured his left knee cap.

Can you say wow!?!

This is huge! Kyrie Irving is the Cavs second best player and this decimates any chances they had of winning the title. Kyrie Irving was the guy who had the best shot of stopping Stephen Curry.

Kyrie Irving was the leader of the Cavs before LeBron showed up. Now LeBron has to average about 70 PPG just for the Cavs to win the title. That's not likely!

So long Kyrie Irving! You had a fabulous year, but better luck next year! Get well Kyrie Irving!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Live NBA Finals Tweets Tomorrow

By National Basketball Association ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The NBA finals start tomorrow night! Are you ready?!?! After this long break, it's about time!!

Game one tips off tomorrow at 9 PM Eastern on ABC. For all of you who are privy to preview's and what not feel free to click the link!

Anyway, follow me on Twitter and tweet along with me tomorrow night! @ me your meme's (@NBAtipoff), thoughts, whatever you like!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Dwyane Wade Will Join ABC For Finals Coverage

By US Embassy London [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Dwyane Wade is going to be an analyst for at least two finals games. This is awesome. Dwyane Wade will bring a chill, current players perspective to pregame and halftime shows.

Let's face it: watching Doug Collins, Jalen Rose and Sage Steele talk ball is OK, but having a guy who's still in the league will make it better.

Think of how NBA TV usually brings in players whose seasons have ended to help with playoff coverage. Same concept, but on a bigger stage.

Dwyane Wade knows this is an audition for what could be his job after playing basketball. He'll bring it, rock it and maybe ace this analyst tryout!

Hope Dwyane Wade doesn't get known for falling on the set, like he's known for on the court!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alvin Gentry Agrees to Coach the Pelicans

By US Dept. of Defense [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Alvin Gentry has agreed to coach the New Orleans Pelicans. Not a bad move, Alvin Gentry is a great coach who fueled the Phoenix Suns back when they played a run and gun style.

Is Alvin Gentry an improvement over Monty Williams (who was fired earlier this month)? Alvin Gentry is only better IF the Pelicans can build a run and gun style team. With Anthony Davis as the leader of the squad, does it make any sense to have a run and gun offense? Nope!

Anthony Davis is mobile for his size and gets up and down the court well, but you want to feed him in the post. Not just a little post action, but lots! It's tough to take the ball out of the basket and feed the post, make a move and score early in the shot clock. It can be done, but not consistently and it'd be even harder in the playoffs.

Monty Williams actually played in the NBA. Not with just one team, but with different teams, employing different styles. Monty Williams allowed the Pelicans to maximize the low amount of talent that they have surrounding Anthony Davis.

Alvin Gentry can coach, I'm not trying to knock him. Bottom line: Alvin Gentry will not get the Pelicans much further if the current roster stays in tact. The sole way to make improvements (major improvements, not just better execution from working hard in the summer) is for them to put pieces around Anthony Davis.

Alvin Gentry may be a piece to the puzzle, but the puzzle can't be complete without it's complementary pieces. Get to work, Pelicans front office and Alvin Gentry!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oklahoma City Thunder Fire Scott Brooks

Photo by Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports
The Oklahoma City Thunder have fired Scott Brooks. Sam Presti, Thunder GM, released a statement about this (you can find the whole statement in the first link) and this stuck out, "it is very important to state that this decision is not a reflection of this past season, but rather an assessment of what we feel is necessary at this point in time in order to continually evolve, progress and sustain. We determined that, in order to stimulate progress and put ourselves in the best position next season and as we looked to the future, a transition of this kind was necessary for the program."

Who buys this? If KD and crew were on the court more, and OKC was in the playoffs, would a transition be necessary? Part of this is Sam Presti saying what you SHOULD say and another part is a guy like Kevin Ollie appeals to players MORE than Brooks did.

When a team puts all their money and effort into going all the way and they don't make the playoffs, changes come as fast as cheetahs running through the African terrain. That's understandable. Injuries were a factor, but the Thunder still should've made the playoffs. Russell Westbrook nearly willed them there with an incredible run. It came down to the last game of the season and they had to get the W and the New Orleans Pelicans had to lose. Didn't happen!

It's too bad. Scott Brooks is an awesome coach who will find work elsewhere. The players were behind him, but the Oklahoma City Thunder feel they can grab someone who better fits their squad.

Billy Donovan and Kevin Ollie appear to be the early front runners for the OKC job. Kevin Ollie would appeal to the players highly. Ollie played with KD and Westbrook. While Brooks played, he was in a different era than Ollie really.

Kevin Ollie is younger, heck he could probably even suit up and practice with the Thunder! Since OKC's big two have played with him, they would have that instant connection. Kevin Ollie was a solid ball player too. Surely coaching in the college ranks has prepared him for an NBA job.

Break out the worlds smallest violin, Scott Brooks. Your time with the Thunder is no more. Maybe the Magic or some other opportunity await you! Bring on Kevin Ollie!